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Back to the Drawing Board

Posted on April 27 2020

Back to the Drawing Board

The April 2020 issue of Furniture, Lighting & Decor features an interview with Jeff Edgeworth, Stash Home's Executive Vice President, who is the merchandising force behind our products. In the article, “Bricks and Clicks,” Edgeworth discusses his controversial decision to shut down and completely redesign the Stash website, which simply wasn't connecting with visitors; in fact, it was dissuading them from coming into the stores.

"There was such a disconnect between the website and what our stores actually look like. So much so that people would walk into our store and be shocked. They were like 'Who! This is so much cooler than I thought it would be.' When we saw double-digit decreases in our [in-store] traffic, we knew the site was a deterrent, and I knew I had to pull the plug."

After about 3 months of development, including going into the stores and shooting our own photography, a new, inspirational Stash website was launched. Then, something amazing happened—traffic began to trickle back into the stores, and, by December 2019, we saw double-digit increases in store traffic. 

“Now that we have our ducks in a row,” remarked Edgeworth, “you’ll [soon] be able to shop hundreds of pieces on the website. Expect, too, to see more bricks along with clicks.”

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