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Decorating Small Spaces

Posted on December 03 2019

Decorating Small Spaces

A small space doesn’t have to hinder your inner designer. In fact, if you know the right tricks, you can maximize your square footage and turn any room into a stylish, relaxing destination. This Tips and Tricks features our top 5 pointers to help you make the most of decorating small spaces.

1. Keep it simple. Above all else, you want your room to remain uncluttered. Start by selecting a limited color palette, which can be light and bright or dark and dramatic. Only include pieces of decor that complement this palette and belong in the room.

Milk & Tea Time Table | Stash Home

2. Hang curtains as high as possible. Place your drapery rod very close to the ceiling (2 inches below the crown molding) to make the ceiling look higher. To widen the appearance of your window, simply extend the rod 4 inches or more on either side of the window.

3. Incorporate stylish storage. Consider adding vertical storage that showcases your personality. Stash has gorgeous, unique storage pieces, like the Modern Muse Etagere (below), that can be used as bookcases, display cases, room dividers, or all of the above.

Modern Muse Etagere | Stash Home

4. Select sleek furniture. In a tight space, the last thing you want is bulky furniture. Instead, go with a sofa that has straight, modern lines and track arms, accent chairs with sculpted lines, and a sturdy coffee table that can serve multiple purposes.

5. Reflect with mirrors. By hanging mirrors, you can create the illusion of having a larger, brighter room. Try hanging a tall mirror to draw the eye upward, and place a mirror toward a window to reflect natural light. You can also create an artistic focal point for your room by opting for a gallery wall that’s filled with mirrors of all shapes and sizes.

Large White Mirror Leaned Against Wall

Source: Small Apartment Decor: A Guide to Decorating With Mirrors

We hope that these Tips and Tricks help you turn even your tightest space into a sought-after retreat, one that you can decorate with your own unique style and spirit.


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