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How to Decorate an Open Living Space

Posted on December 22 2018

How to Decorate an Open Living Space

So, you finally have your dream floor plan, one that’s completely open. There’s no wall between the kitchen and your entertaining areas, and conversation can easily flow from one room to another. Still, you wonder—how can I stylishly decorate this open space and make it as inviting as possible? Here are our top ideas for smart design elements.

Treasure Your Island

Your kitchen island can serve so many purposes, from an area for food preparation and serving to a place for your kids to do their homework. In the picture below, from the 2018 St. Jude Dream Home, three bar stools pulled up to an open-concept kitchen island provide seating for dining and conversation while you cook. 2018 St. Jude Dream Home | Bar Stools

Task Swivel Barstool

Light the Way

By hanging gorgeous, unique lighting over your dining room table, you can transition between the cooking and dining areas. This will also result in a dining area that’s separate from other areas in your open space, one that’s intimate enough for small dinners as well as social gatherings.Bellamy Counter Table

Bellamy Counter Table

Group and Define

You can define your living room seating area by thoughtfully placing a sofa and accent chairs around an area rug. The rug will anchor the furniture and establish a task-specific grouping.

Spark Conversation

Arrange your furniture so that it’s conducive to conversation. Place chairs face to face so that your guests are encouraged to break into an engaging conversation, and position seating near a window, if possible, to let natural light in.

Marlow Wing Chair

Let Show Time Begin

Have one area in your living room that’s solely for entertainment, and designate that as your go-to spot for family time. Incorporating a large coffee table for resting laptops and other devices, comfy pillows, and a TV will make this space a family favorite.

Campbell Coffee Table

Campbell Coffee Table

Congratulations on having the open living space that you’ve always wanted. Making it warm and inviting can be a challenge, but hopefully these ideas will help you define designated areas and get the utmost enjoyment from them.


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