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How to Make a Living Room More Comfortable

Posted on April 07 2020

How to Make a Living Room More Comfortable

With everyone staying inside, it's important to spruce up your living spaces to add a little peace back into your daily life. Mom blogger and home decor enthusiast, Alexandra Nicole of City Chic Living, shares her 5 favorite tips for making your living space more zen.

We have been inside the house for weeks now and frankly, I am desperate for a little zen in my life. I have recently discovered that sprucing up my home to incorporate a more peaceful vibe within my living space has not only given me a change of scenery, but has added a little happiness back into my environment. Here are my 5 Tips for Making Your Living Space more Zen.

Floor and Table Lamps to Set the Tone

I have recently added a few lamps to my living room, and now I rarely use my overhead light. I love the warm inviting glow that my lamps bring to the space, bringing about a sense of peace and security. Combining floor and table lamps throughout your rooms will ensure that each space holds an ambient vibe and is well-lit enough for conversing. I love the two Le Chic table lamps that I purchased from Stash Home to add an ambient vibe to my contemporary bedroom style. They are so feminine yet tall and bold, and the two switches are perfect for adjusting the lighting level.

Le Chic Table Lamp

Oversized Ottomans

I have always felt like ottomans are more inviting for gathering in a space as they can serve as additional seating. Since we are focusing on comfort, ottomans are also great to rest your feet on. Adding a tray to the top of my ottoman has converted it into a coffee table as well. If you find an ottoman with storage, these will help with the clutter that magazines and random toys can bring to a room. Stash Home not only has a variety of ottomans to choose from, but I love that I can even customize my own fabrics to perfectly fit my home decor style.

Oversized Ottomon Stash Home

Huge Accent Pillows

Pillows are cozy in general, but add a couple of huge, oversized pillows to your couch or chairs and you have instantly added softness to the room. This is also a great way to add pattern and design into an otherwise very neutral room. Stash Home has an entire wall of huge throw pillows ready to pop on any sofa!

Oversized Pillows at Stash Home

Bookshelves and Books

Books are a window to the readers interests and hobbies. Whether you are a reader or not, filling your space with topics that interest you will tell a story to those who visit. Having a bookshelf with great reads handy makes for perfect afternoon quiet time. I like spicing up my bookshelves with Stash Home's coffee table books as risers and fun knick knacks as accent pieces. I have seen where interior designers have attached artwork or a TV to their built-in-bookshelf. If you are looking for a freestanding shelving unit, I have found so many unique choices at Stash Home!

Ivy Bookcase from Stash Home

Faux Fur and Cozy Blankets

I am all about soft pieces, especially faux fur thrown over an ottoman or the back of a chair. I have seen where Stash Home will accent a pillow table with a faux fur for texture and warmth. I even have a faux fur strewn over the back of my office chair! Oh the difference it makes! Of course, cozy blankets are not only easy access to a great snuggle, but they also serve as an added decor item as well!

Faux Fur Throw from Stash Home

Love Alexandra Nicole


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