How to Set Your Thanksgiving Table

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Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away, on Thursday, November 22nd. If you’re having Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year, you may be wondering how to dress your table in a way that will impress your guests and create a memorable meal. This week on our blog, we cover just that—ways to make your dining table shine!

Incorporate the Outdoors

From acorns to branches to leaves to pumpkins, the fall season comes with so many colorful, natural elements that can brighten up your table for Thanksgiving. Use these items to adorn your centerpiece, napkins, or place settings.

Outdoors Inspired Thanksgiving Table Decor

Source: Anderson + Grant Blog;

Go Classy With Place Settings

Speaking of place settings, this is a no-fail way to make everyone at your holiday dinner feel extra special. The basic setting is easy to arrange. Start with a dinner plate, top with a folded napkin, and, if salad will be served, add a salad bowl. Place the fork to the left of the plate and the knife and spoon to the right. Set wine and water glasses above and to the right. Voila! You have a gorgeous place setting.

Place Setting for Thanksgiving


Combine Styles

You don’t want your table decor to be too matchy-matchy, giving off the impression that you just went to the store and purchased a party kit. To avoid this, try combining different styles of accessories, like traditional and trendy. In the picture below, the hostess tops classic black and white plates with fun, sparkly place cards and orange leaves.

Classic Plates and Trendy Accessories for Thanksgiving Table


Forgo the Tablecloth

Depending on the fabric and design, tablecloths can be rather old-fashioned. Instead of hiding your beautiful dining table under a tablecloth, draw eyes to it and add a pop of color with a table runner. You’ll also protect your table from spills and hot serving dishes.

Thanksgiving Table with Table Runner


Dazzle With Metallics

Totally glam up your Thanksgiving table by including touches of metallic throughout, from candles to cups to lights. Whether you choose gold, silver, bronze, or all 3 hues, your table will simply glow from end to end.

 Modern Metallic Thanksgiving Table

 Source: Making Lemonade Blog;

No matter how you dress your table this Thanksgiving, we just know that it will be absolutely breathtaking, a holiday vision that you will remember for years to come. We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving that's spent with those you love the most.

Do you have tips for setting a stunning Thanksgiving table? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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