In the Spotlight: Designer Sean Anderson

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Stash had the pleasure of working with designer Sean Anderson to select the perfect pieces for “The Retreat” house at the Vesta Home Show last November. The Retreat came together flawlessly and was described as “a warm and moody brick home, designed for relaxed entertaining and peaceful living.”

Sean, a creative genius and owner of Sean Anderson Design, is still in the spotlight. He was recently featured on the well-known Alyssa Rosenheck Photography Blog. His in-depth interview gives us insight into influences and life moments that inspired Sean to become an interior designer, his definition of “The New Southern Style,” the key to making the house a home, his style inspiration, and much more. Plus, Alyssa includes some beautiful pictures from the Vesta Home Show.

The Retreat house at the Vesta Home Show 2017

Source: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography Blog

The Retreat house living room at the Vesta Home Show 2017

Source: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography Blog

Sean definitely inspired us with his vibrant description of The New Southern Style. He defined it as “a feeling, simple as that. I don’t believe it to necessarily be about design styles or objects. It’s about the emotion created within a space. Southerners are known for the distinct characteristics they possess, their hospitality and kindness. It’s these attributes that create welcoming environments — spaces where everyone has a place.”

Stash is so impressed with, and proud of, Sean for all of his accomplishments, and we can't wait to collaborate with him again in the future!

The Retreat house bedroom at the Vesta Home Show 2017

Source: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography Blog


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  • Thank you for your insightful comment, Jeannie! We are so glad that you enjoyed this post!

    Stash Home on
  • This idea or concept of “The New Southern Style” being a “feeling” rather than a style is fabulous! I am not an interior designer but I love thinking of decor and looking at designs. What is the first thing you do upon entering someone’s house/ home? Yes, I look around, but the feeling I get of the space tells me more than what I see. Love Sean’s thoughts and I believe those thoughts were very well articulated in this article. Very enjoyable!

    Jeannie Russell on

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