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In the Spotlight: Drew Parry

Posted on March 27 2019

In the Spotlight: Drew Parry

Stash’s own, Drew Parry, Visual Presentation Manager at our Memphis store, will have been a part of our team for 3 years this June. Time passes quickly when you’re doing what you love, or that’s the feeling you get when you sit down with Drew to talk about his position at Stash as well as his personal style, design advice, favorite pieces, and more.

Dew Parry, Visual Presentation Manager at Stash Home

With a Bachelor of Architecture degree from The University of Memphis, Drew has an eye for all aspects of design, from ensuring that the floor is exquisitely styled and guest-ready to helping customers realize their own unique style inspiration.

When asked to describe his personal style, Drew paused for a moment and responded that:

"It’s difficult to put into words. I would describe it as a juxtaposition of modern and antique. I like playing with texture and patterns and mixing modern pieces with older ones, like a sideboard from the 1880s. I am a big fan of textural, dark fabric, dark and brooding masculine style, but placed next to an enormous window that showcases green foliage and other natural elements." 

His favorite piece at Stash right now? The Palisades Sofa (pictured below), which, he says is a modern take on an old, traditional sofa. 

Palisades Sofa | Stash Home

In addition to this sofa, Drew confessed that he likes pieces that have been used and worn, stating “That means they have a history. The stories behind the pieces attracted me to Stash. Our guests buy [a piece] from us, like this buffet [pictured below] made from natural materials, because it will be an integral part of their life and potentially their kids' lives. Also, we have unique pieces that can be used for multiple purposes. We choose conventional pieces and use them in unconventional ways [the Adagio Buffet pictured below serves as a dresser in the store]."

Buffet Made from Natural Materials | Stash Home

Adagio Buffet | Stash Home

Drew's top piece of advice for decorating a room on a budget? First of all, identify what you absolutely love in that room, whether it's a piece of furniture or certain accessories, and make sure that those items stay.

"Build around the things that you cherish, those that have meaning, those that foster a memory. If it's not something that brings you joy, don't hold onto it."

When asked what he likes most about working at Stash, Drew's heartfelt reply was that:

"I like working at Stash, because I feel like we're a family here. At the end of the day, I believe that any of my coworkers would come to my defense if I needed them to. Also, every day, I have the pleasure of being a designer in a 17,000 square foot space, ensuring that each guest's trip to Stash is pleasant and rewarding and asking myself  'Did that guest purchase something that he or she will have for a lifetime?' I love it."

Stash is blessed to have Drew as a part of our team. He is truly a talented, passionate individual who not only loves his role, but loves people and helping them choose pieces that will tell their story for generations to come.


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