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Mid-Century Modern Style

Posted on January 16 2020

Mid-Century Modern Style

Can a piece of furniture be both modern and vintage? Absolutely. Say hello to mid-century modern style, a look that's characterized by uncluttered and sleek lines, peg legs, flared backs, minimal ornamentation, and pops of color. Mid-century modern design became popular after World War II, and 75 years later, it's still a favorite.

Ready to bring crisp, no-fuss mid-century modern style into your home? Get inspired below, then come see us in-store, and we'll help you make your vision a reality!

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." --Leonardo da Vinci

Austin Black Leather Sofa | Stash HomeAustin Black Leather Sofa

Austin Chance Leather Recliner in Warm Taupe | Stash HomeAustin Chance Leather Recliner in Warm Taupe

Austin Maxx Leather Sofa | Stash HomeAustin Maxx Leather Sofa

Studio Sofa | Stash HomeStudio Sofa

Kiera and Banks Swivel Chairs | Stash HomeKiera and Banks Chairs

Austin Evans Dining Table | Stash HomeAustin Evans Dining Table


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