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Pantone 2019 Spring/Summer Colors

Posted on May 06 2019

Pantone 2019 Spring/Summer Colors

In addition to Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral, the PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Spring/Summer 2019 offers “seasonal inspiration, key color directives, suggested color harmonies plus material and product application across men’s, women’s, active, color cosmetics, interior, industrial and multi-media design.” Indeed, this trend forecast includes 7 color palettes and 2 transitional color palettes, totaling 64 colors to help you plan for the season. Here are our top 5 color picks from these lively hues, which you can add to your home through rugs, wall art, pillows, throws, and other accents.

  1. Jester Red (PANTONE 19-1862)—A combination of rich elegance and intensity, Jester Red incorporates much-needed cosmopolitan glamor into your home. No need to go all out with a red wall, as in the picture below, but you can certainly enhance your room with the jewel-toned Ancient Treasures Rug.

Jester Red Room


Ancient Treasures Rug | Stash Home

Ancient Treasures Rug

2. Pepper Stem (PANTONE 17-0542)—This “zesty yellow-green” shade encourages us to, well, go green and seek inspiration from “nature’s healthy bounty.” You can infuse your home with this color by adding subtle touches of greenery, such as a green plant and a bowl of fruit on your coffee table.

Pepper Stem Greenery Inspiration


3. Pink Peacock (PANTONE 18-2045)—Described as “tantalizingly theatrical” and “a feast for the eyes,” Pink Peacock is the star of the show. So, it’s no surprise that a small dab of this shade goes a long way. Think accent pillows or a soft throw.

Water Garden Pillow | Stash Home

Water Garden Pillow

4. Aspen Gold (PANTONE 13-0850)—Bringing a sense of joy and good cheer wherever it’s placed, Aspen Gold will brighten even the gloomiest day. Try this color in a room where you start your day, like your kitchen or your bathroom. What better way to lift your mood?

Aspen Gold table


5. Sweet Corn (PANTONE 11-0106)—So soft, so classic, neutral Sweet Corn incorporates much needed structure and stability into your room. Top this color off with the above mentioned, lively hues.

Deconstructed Counter Stool | Stash Home

Deconstructed Cream Counter Stool

So, there you have it, our top 5 color picks from the PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Spring/Summer 2019. We hope that this post inspires you to incorporate these lively colors into your home this season, creatively and uniquely.


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