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Stash Teams up to Help a Family in Need

Posted on December 19 2019

Stash Teams up to Help a Family in Need

Stash joined “The Thread” and Beyond Housing to bring a Christmas blessing to a St. Louis family in need.

A single mother and her 3 children, ages 15, 13, and 8, were living in poverty, in a home that was infested with mold, mildew, and bugs. The home’s condition agitated the health of 2 of the children, who have chronic asthma. And, at times, the mother struggled to provide her family with adequate food and clothing.

Stash, “The Thread” (a well-known TV ministry), and Beyond Housing (a nonprofit that provides access to education, healthcare, jobs, and resources) stepped in to help the family. Beyond Housing found them a new house, and Stash filled it with furniture and mattresses, making the house a home. Various partners in the St. Louis area sent donations for the family, including food to stock their pantry and refrigerator.

All Wood Square Coffee Table Donated by Stash Home

Dark Wood Bed Donated by Stash Home

Silver Metal Bed Donated by Stash Home

The Stash team set up all of the furniture and surprised the family with their new, gorgeously decorated home. As of December 17th, the family has officially moved into their home, just in time for Christmas.

“The Thread” covered the family's story and shared video coverage of the reveal on an episode of their show entitled, "Christmas Community."

We’d like to thank the Stash team in St. Louis, “The Thread,” and Beyond Housing for making this dream come true. This is a Christmas gift that will never be forgotten, an absolute blessing for this wonderful family. 


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