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Summer Style for Your Home

Posted on June 04 2019

Summer Style for Your Home

Add a splash of summer style to your home. It's easier than you may think to incorporate cool, breezy looks that transition your space from spring to summer. This week's Tips and Tricks covers how to do just that, to get your home summer-ready.

1. Think "fresh." What feels fresh to you? Peonies are the flowers of choice this summer.  Fresh peonies are simply gorgeous when placed on your dining table, coffee table, or kitchen counter. Also, new throw pillows in bright cheery colors always say “fresh.” The large down filled velvet pillows pictured below are just $49 every day at Stash. 

Fresh Peonies on Table

Down Filled Velvet Throw Pillows
2. Set the mood. Add fresh lemons to your favorite container or bowl to create a bright and cheery focal point to set the mood for summer. 

Lemons in Wood Bowl
3. Bring the outdoors inside. Try a creative succulent display in a planter, lantern, teacup, or birdbath, or a fiddle-leaf fig, which instantly creates a tropical vibe. Whether you choose to incorporate one or both of these, you will nearly effortlessly make a fresh impact on your home.

Succulent Display

Fiddle-Leaf Fig in Living Room

4. Style your coffee table. Pick up some new coffee table books with the subjects, colors, and looks of the season. To quote Elle Décor, "They're thoughtful, unique, and best of all: beautiful." That's why Stash offers coffee table books in-store. They never go out of style or season. 

5. Lighten up. Consider putting away your heavy, insulated curtains and hanging light, airy window treatments that allow the sunlight to shine through. This one change will make a world of difference by brightening and revitalizing a drab space. 

Light, Summery, Flowy Curtains

There you have it―5 easy, breezy ways to freshen up your home for summer. Which of these ideas is your favorite? Do you have suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy decorating, everyone!


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