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Tips and Tricks: Accessorize Your Living Room

Posted on May 20 2019

Tips and Tricks: Accessorize Your Living Room

How can you refresh the look of your living room without completely redecorating? Wisely incorporate accessories! This is one of the least time-consuming and most inexpensive ways to truly change up your look. This week’s Tips and Tricks covers how to revitalize your living room with accessories.

1. Start with a rug. Your rug is the foundation for your entire living room, so make sure and choose one that’s the right size and texture for your space. It’s better to go too large than too small, so ensure that there is about 10" - 20" of bare floor between the edges of the rug and the walls of the room. Also, consider durability. If your living room is heavily used, you might want to go with an all-wool rug or a cotton flatweave rather than a silk or antique rug.

Goshen Rug | Stash Home

The Goshen Rug is handcrafted from natural fibers, wool, and jute and offer an adaptable, durable backdrop for your living room.

Kenya Multi Rug | Stash Home

The Kenya Multi Rug is hand-knotted of pure wool and brings an exotic, tribal touch to your room.

2. Refresh with pillows. You’ll be surprised at how much just switching out your accent pillows can rejuvenate the appearance of your sofa. Try having different pillows for each season, changing them out 4 times a year. Your sofa will never become boring!

Variety of Pillows of White Sectional

The Classic Natural U-Shaped Sectional is not only a guest favorite, it's the perfect neutral setting for pillows of all colors, textures, and shapes.

3. Choose the perfect lighting. Your lighting sets the mood for your room, so try having multiple lighting sources so that you have total control of the brightness. Think table lamps, hanging lighting, overhead lights, and floor lamps. Experiment with having certain lights on and others dimmed, depending on the occasion.

Regina Andrew Design Lighting | Stash Home

Stash has partnered with Regina Andrew Design to offer one-of-a-kind lighting for your home. Come on in to your local Stash store, and a design consultant will help you select and order the perfect piece.

4. Show off your collections. Never be afraid to display the things you love the most, but resist displaying everything at once. Instead, group similar objects together, whether they are the same color or theme. This practice will create a sense of purpose and organization.

5. Hang wall art. Your walls truly are a blank canvas where you can freely express yourself. Why not embellish your canvas with vibrant, powerful pieces that represent your unique style? When hanging over a sofa, go with one canvas piece (or a series) that’s the length of the sofa. Rather than having one large picture, which can be expensive, you can always hang multiple pieces, laying them out like a gallery wall.

Romantic Gallery Wall


That’s it for this week’s Tips and Tricks. We hope that these suggestions gave you some inspiring ideas for accessorizing your living room, turning it into a space that showcases your exquisite, never boring style!


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