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Tips and Tricks: Decorating With Nature

Posted on April 24 2018

Tips and Tricks: Decorating With Nature

This Friday, April 27th, is Arbor Day, a US holiday that’s dedicated to celebrating and planting trees. On this day, people throughout the country will gather together to plant and/or care for trees, bushes, and plants. If you love trees and nature, but getting your hands dirty isn’t for you, there’s no need to worry. You can bring the beauty of nature into your home. Just follow these tips and tricks!

  • Open your curtains to let natural sunlight in and to see the splendor in your own backyard.
  • Hang wall art that features animals, landscapes, or waterfronts.
  • Add an indoor tree or plant. Not only will this clean the air in your home, you’ll bring color and texture to any room. Place plants in a unique vase or pot. Make sure to set larger trees in the back of the room or in a corner; that way, they won’t block TV views or furniture.

  • Place flowers on your tabletops. Tulips are always a great choice. They’re in season, come in spring colors, and are inexpensive. Just cut the stems at an angle, put them in a vase, add water, and you’re ready to go!
  • Gather seashells from a past trip to the beach and lay them in a bowl on your accent or coffee table. Not only will the seashells brighten up your room, they’ll bring back fond vacation memories.
  • Incorporate furniture that’s made from natural materials. The August side table is a perfect example of such a piece. It’s crafted from aged and reclaimed solid pine that’s been formed into a modern cube shape. The Ardelle Nesting tables are also constructed from natural components, including striking petrified wood tops and steel bases in a matte silver finish.

We hope that these tips and tricks have given you some inspiration for decorating your home with nature. And, we encourage you to go outside and plant some trees on Arbor Day!

The August side table

The Ardelle Nesting tables



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