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Tips and Tricks: How to Care for Leather Furniture

Posted on February 22 2019

Tips and Tricks: How to Care for Leather Furniture

Nothing exudes luxury like pure, aniline top grain leather furniture, from sofas and sectionals to recliners. And, premium leather furniture isn’t only for the wealthy; if you take care of them, leather pieces are a smart investment that you can pass on to generations to come. This week’s Tips and Tricks covers how to clean and maintain the appearance of your leather upholstery.

1. Protect your leather furniture from sun and direct light. Just like fabric upholstery, leather can fade with direct sunlight exposure, so place your leather sofa in a shaded spot. If that’s not possible, keep curtains and blinds closed during the sunniest part of the day.Chester Stationary Sofa upholstered in brown aniline top grain leather | Stash Home

The Chester Stationary Sofa is a classic piece that's perfect for any living room or study. It's upholstered in brown aniline top grain leather and has elegant curved arms and chic button tufting.

2. Dust and vacuum regularly. Wipe leather furniture from top to bottom once a week with a soft, microfiber dry cloth. This prevents the accumulation of dust and keeps leather looking vibrant, not dull. Vacuum corners and crevices to remove crumbs and dirt.

3. Avoid spills, but if it happens, immediately dry the area with a cloth. Then, let the spot air-dry. Never use soap, furniture polish, cleaning solvents, oils, or ammonia water as cleaning methods, and don’t soak stains heavily with water; this will do more damage than good.Simon Leather Recliner | Stash Home

The Simon Leather Recliner is absolutely ravishing, with multi-tonal top grain leather shifting from chestnut to mahogany, button tufting, and a push-back mechanism.

4. Down boy (or girl). Teach your cats and dogs to stay off of your leather furniture, if possible. If you would like for your pets to have access to the furniture but want to avoid scratches, keep dogs’ nails trimmed, and redirect the location of where cats do their scratching by purchasing scratching posts.Blakeley Red Leather Chair | Stash Home

This red leather club chair combines a traditional shape with color that pops for a unique look that can easily stand alone in any room.

5. Use leather specific conditioner once to twice per year to nourish leather and restore its natural flexibility.

Whether you want to protect your gorgeous leather sofa, sectional, recliner, or accent chair, or you’re considering becoming a proud owner of a leather product, we hope that these Tips and Tricks will help you preserve its feel and appearance. Remember, with proper care, your extraordinary leather piece can last a lifetime.


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