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How to Choose an Accent Table

Posted on May 14 2019

How to Choose an Accent Table

High or low? Round or square? How do you choose just the right accent table for your living room? This week's Tips and Tricks gives you simple recommendations on how to select an accent table, also called a side or end table, that complements your space.

Height. The general consensus among designers is that your accent table should be approximately the same height as the arm of the sofa or chair that it sits next to. Ideally, your table should be no lower than 2 inches shorter than the arm of the seating. The height of a standard sofa arm is about 25 inches, so you want to make sure that your accent table is close to that height.

Shape. If you're wondering whether to go with a round accent table or a square one, the answer is, well, it depends on the components and needs of your room. A round or oval table will balance out a room that already has many square, boxy pieces, while a square table will provide more surface space for displaying accessories, such as lamps.

Maribel Chairside Table | Stash Home

Maribel Chairside Table

Lionel Wood Nesting Table | Stash Home

Lionel Nesting Table

Style. Your accent table can incorporate much-needed contrast into your living room, if you choose the right style. Start by taking a look around your room. Do you have a lot of soft, upholstered pieces? Then, you might want to go with a sharp, square or rectangular silhouette, such as the Trimble End Table or the Harper End Table. If your room features a plethora of modern furniture with wooden legs, a chunkier, more elaborate accent table, like the Ginette Chairside Table, might be a better choice.

Trimble Stone End Table | Stash Home

Trimble End Table

Ginette Chairside Table | Stash Home

Ginette Chairside Table

Materials. You have quite a few options for materials, from wood to marble to glass. Think of your lifestyle and your space. While a glass table might not work well for a family with small children (wood is a better choice), a wood table isn’t ideal for a living room with hardwood floors (think marble instead).

Adair Side Table | Stash Home

The Adair Side Table is made of marble and aluminum, which pops on a dark wood or ceramic tile floor.

Storage. Do you want to control clutter? Consider an accent table that has an open shelf at the bottom, drawers, or a combination of both. You can use this space to store remote controls, DVDs, magazines, books, and other objects.

Dempsey End Table | Stash Home

The Dempsey End Table pairs contemporary style with rustic charm and features 2 convenient drawers for storage.

French Farmhouse Side Table | Stash Home

In addition to its reclaimed bleached pine and hardwood structure, the French Farmhouse Side Table boasts a convenient drawer and shelf.

Although your accent table isn't the centerpiece of your living room, it will certainly complement the décor while ensuring that essential items are always within reach. We hope that you'll keep these Tips and Tricks in mind when looking for an accent table that's the perfect fit for your space. Happy decorating, everyone!


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