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Tips and Tricks: Shopping for College Dorm Essentials

Posted on August 20 2018

Tips and Tricks: Shopping for College Dorm Essentials

It’s that time of year, time to send the kids back to school. But before they return, you’ve got to conquer that expensive back-to-school shopping list, which seems to get more and more costly. This year, the price of your shopping list just skyrocketed, since your teenager is going off to college and will need more than a new backpack and pens. This week’s Tips and Tricks focuses on best ways to shop and save on college dorm room essentials.

1. Do your research first. Ask your teen to go on the college’s website and find out the dorm room dimensions and what student housing amenities are provided, such as printers, desk chairs, and waste baskets. This will give you an idea of items that you will and won't need to buy.

2. Look for sales. Most retailers offer deals and promotions during the spring and summer. To be the first to hear about upcoming deals, sign up for various retailers’ email lists and follow them on social media.

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3. Buy the must-have items first. You can always add more accessories later. Your teen has to have a solid bed, a mattress, bed linens, a nightstand, a lamp, an alarm clock, plenty of clothing, and a computer.Vintage Metal Twin Bed

This vintage solid metal twin bed is available in black and a variety of fun, crayon box colors. Ravenswood Nightstand

This sleek, antique black, solid wood nightstand is the epitome of no-nonsense, bungalow chic style.

4. Check with friends and family. Your friends and family are a great resource for all kinds of dorm room necessities. Maybe they have dishes that they aren’t using, an unwanted mini fridge, or even an extra TV. There’s no shame in asking!

5. Keep it simple. Remember, it’s 2018, and almost everything is available to order online. So, there’s no need to arrive at the college dorm with three truckloads of items. And, if you forget something, your teen can always order it online.

We know that sending your teenager off to college is no easy task, emotionally or financially. By planning ahead and accessing your needs, you can make smart decisions when shopping for college dorm essentials. We hope that this week’s Tips and Tricks helps you do just that, leaving you with a feeling of sweet satisfaction.

Vintage Metal Chair

These vintage metal chairs are perfect for a desk or dining table and for indoor or outdoor seating. They come in a variety of colors, including black, gray, white, green, and red.

Stone Harbor 1 Drawer Nightstand

Crown molding accents, blackened copper hardware, and a misty gray finish combine to make this one-drawer nightstand unique but classic.


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