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Tips and Tricks: Southern-Style Decorating

Posted on March 18 2019

Tips and Tricks: Southern-Style Decorating

Do you long to bring southern style into your home, but you’re not sure where to start? No worries. This week’s Tips and Tricks reveals how to do just that, to transform your home into a warm, inviting space that guests love to visit.

1. Arrange for conversation. Southerners thrive on lively conversation, so make sure and place your seating side-by-side and slightly facing each other, which will encourage discussion.

Banks Black Leather Swivel Chair | Stash Home

The Banks Black Leather Swivel Chair is a smart, comfortable choice for side-by-side seating.

2. Embrace color and patterns. Don’t be afraid to go with furniture that’s upholstered in a boldly colored fabric or a pattern. This adds personality to your room and gives it a welcoming feel.

Kara Swivel Chair | Stash Home

The Kara Swivel Chair features a striking navy and white pattern that's sure to liven up any room with bungalow style.

3. Incorporate nature. In the South, we adore bringing the outdoors inside, so fresh flowers are always well-received and brighten the day. Also, reclaimed wood pieces are all the rage right now, since they lend history, character, and natural beauty to handcrafted furniture.

Ellwood Media Wall | Stash Home

Display collections, books, and plants on the Ellwood Media Wall, which has reclaimed pine wood shelves that are connected with rustic black iron.

4. Relish in your family history. Hang portraits of your loved ones, from your beautiful children, husband, and parents to great aunts and uncles, on the wall. These photo displays tell your own unique story like no one else can.

Family Photos to Display for Southern Style

5. Get comfortable. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort; you can have both. Consider a soft slipcover sofa and a comfy accent chair. And, of course, you need an ottoman where you and guests can prop up your feet!

We hope that this week’s Tips and Tricks inspires you to incorporate warm southern style into your home. As renowned interior designer Sean Anderson said in his definition of The New Southern, it’s “a feeling, simple as that. I don’t believe it to necessarily be about design styles or objects. It’s about the emotion created within a space. Southerners are known for the distinct characteristics they possess, their hospitality and kindness. It’s these attributes that create welcoming environments — spaces where everyone has a place.”

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  • Robert: March 15, 2019

    I’m interested in the hooker leather wing backs with ottomans, the Blakley “Brown Chair”. Would you have these on the floor at your Tupelo store? I would like to come by and see in person how they sit. Please advise.

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