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Tips and Tricks: How to Throw a Unique Halloween Party

Posted on October 23 2018

Tips and Tricks: How to Throw a Unique Halloween Party

Halloween doesn’t have to be just for kids. You can throw and enjoy an unforgettable Halloween celebration at any age, one that your guests will be talking about for months. In fact, as an adult, you have so many more options for entertainment than just going trick-or-treating! This week’s Tips and Tricks features our top 5 tips for throwing an unforgettable Halloween soirée, from choosing a theme to planning your menu.

1. Select your color palette. You can always go with classic orange and black, or you can spice things up by choosing unique Halloween color combinations, such as black and white, rust orange and chocolate brown, or black and blue.

Black and White Halloween Pumpkins

2. Choose your theme. Host a party with a theme that your guests can really get excited about. A scary movie-themed party is always a guest favorite, since everyone will love re-experiencing a classic thriller and dressing up as their favorite character. Other fail-proof ideas include a decades past party, a murder mystery party, and a Wild West–themed party.

Horror Movie-Themed Party Ideas

3. Set a spooky table. You don’t have to have a sit down dinner, in fact, a buffet can be more fun and inviting, since it’s less formal. Just make sure to go all out with your table decor, adding greenery, pumpkins, candles, and even a striking centerpiece, like the one below, which features golden jack-o'-lanterns.

Golden Jack-o'-Lanterns  

4. Plan your menu. Don’t just serve candy, instead, delight your guests by placing a simply divine charcuterie tray on your spooky table. Also, have festive appetizers, such as bacon jalapeno dip in a baked pumpkin, smoked salmon potato canapes, and candy corn fruit kabobs (yum!).

Halloween Cheese Board

5. Dim your lighting. Naturally create an eerie Halloween atmosphere by simply limiting your lighting, turning off chandeliers and overhead lights. Instead, only turn on floor lamps and light plenty of candles. Your guests will get into the Halloween spirit without being overly distracted by scary decorations and flashing lights.

Halloween Lighting, Dimmed Lights

We hope that these Tips and Tricks help you throw a unique Halloween party on Wednesday, October 31st, a soirée that's filled with lasting memories of festive activities, decorations, and food enjoyed with those you love the most.


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