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Unique Ideas for Mother's Day

Posted on May 09 2019

Unique Ideas for Mother's Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May in the US, a day on which we honor and celebrate mothers and motherhood. But showing Mom how much you appreciate her can be a challenging task. That’s why we compiled this list of Tips and Tricks—to help you treat your mom this Sunday, May 12th, thoughtfully and uniquely.

1. Treat Her to Her Favorite. What’s your mother’s favorite flower, breakfast food, movie, song, perfume, or store/brand? The options are nearly endless. The important thing is to show your mom that you remember the item(s) she loves the most. 

Flowers for Mother’s Day

Stash Home Gift Card

A Stash gift card is always a great idea, and it never goes out of style. Stop by your local Stash Home store and pick one up for Mom!

2. Relive Special Memories. Gather the photo albums and home videos, and take a trip down memory lane with Mom. You’ll feel a true mother-daughter connection as you relive Christmas mornings, family vacations, and other good times spent together.  

Family Photo Album

3. Tackle a Chore. Do something around the house for Mom, a task or chore that she would normally handle herself. You could vacuum and mop the floors, wash the dishes, mow the yard, or do the weekly grocery shopping, all while Mom relaxes and enjoys some much-needed me time.

Washing Dishes for Mom

4. Make a Day of It. Why not spend the entire day together, doing whatever your mother wants to do? Have lunch at the Italian restaurant that she always raves about, go for a walk in a local garden, and come by Stash to shop and sip mimosas. 

Mimosas for Mother's Day

5. Set a New Tradition. Experience something new with your mom. This can be as simple as trying an unfamiliar food dish from another culture or as adventurous as taking a dance or painting class together. These memory-making activities will help you strengthen your bond for years to come.

We hope that this week’s Tips and Tricks gave you some creative, out-of-the-ordinary ideas for celebrating your mom this Sunday. Remember that it's not the price of the gift that counts; it's the amount of thought that you put into it. Happy Mother's Day, everyone, from your friends at Stash!


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