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What Does Your Coffee Table Say About You?

Posted on April 12 2019

What Does Your Coffee Table Say About You?

Your coffee table can serve so many purposes, all within arm’s reach of your sofa and other seating. It may support beverages, plates of food, magazines, books, electronics, candles, collectibles, and more. But how you choose to use your coffee table and how you keep it on a regular basis says quite a bit about your personality.

So, what’s the usual state of your coffee table?

Filled with Decorative Objects

If your coffee table is showered with treasures, like seashells from your vacation to the beach last year and knick knacks from your Aunt Agnes’ china cabinet, you’re a true collector. You hang on to many of these objects and display them where you and your guests can see them, because they rekindle fond memories of times past. You are a sensitive, passionate person.

Marble Coffee Table with Decorative Objects

Covered with Books and Magazines

Whether they’re neatly stacked or rather messily thrown across your coffee table, if you keep books and magazines this close to your seating area, you love to read and enjoy delving into a good story. You also like to stay on top of the latest trends; that’s why you surround yourself with so many fashion and interior design magazines.

Stacked Books on Coffee Table

Adorned with Candles and Plants

Is your coffee table garnished with refreshing candles and plants, perhaps in tranquil scents and hues? If so, you want your home to be a relaxing get away rather than a social hangout. This isn’t to say that you don’t like to entertain, but day in and day out, you would rather spend time alone or with your family in a peaceful environment.

Flowers, Books, and Candles on Wood and Metal Coffee Table

Clean and Uncluttered

You’re a minimalist at heart, and you like to have everything in its proper place. Your coffee table is always tidy, dust-free, and organized; that’s because you maintain it on a regular basis, never letting it become cluttered. You're always ready for unexpected guests!

Leigh Cocktail Table | Stash Home

Always Messy

Your coffee table is just like you—unstructured and unpredictable. You’re creative and likely have many projects that you’re working on at any one time, from the homemade Christmas decorations that you saw on Pinterest to the photo collage that you’re creating for your best friend’s birthday. You’re a busy gal, and you don’t have time to dust the table. But that's ok. We understand.

No matter the state of your coffee table, we hope that it's serving your needs, whether that's as a place to rest food, beverages, books, plants, or memories. If you're looking for a new, unique coffee table for your space, make sure and check out our extensive collection.


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