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Make Mother’s Day Memories

Posted on May 07 2018

Make Mother’s Day Memories

This Sunday, May 13th, is Mother’s Day, so now is the perfect time to reflect on what this holiday means to us. What is it really about? Well, the definition of Mother’s Day from Cambridge Dictionary is "a day each year when people give a card or present to their mother or do something special for her.”

This is certainly true, but, at Stash, we believe that Mother’s Day means even more. It’s about honoring our mothers, thanking them for everything they’ve done for us, and spending quality time together. And, of course, this holiday is about treating them to something special. How will you celebrate your mom this Sunday?

Here are a few ideas for making this Mother’s Day meaningful and memorable.

  • Make your mom breakfast or lunch, sit at the dining room table, and reflect on good times you’ve spent together—that road trip you took just to see the sunset over the ocean, lazy Sunday afternoons when you lounged on the sofa and watched old movies, and when she held you for what seemed like an hour after you scraped your knee playing outside.

This square, adjustable height dining room table is timeless classic home style and is well-crafted with hardwood solids and pecan veneers. 

  • Bring her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. They don’t have to be expensive flowers. Tulips, daisies, and lilies are inexpensive, colorful, and don’t require a lot of effort to arrange. Plus, they look gorgeous on any tabletop, like the Sojourn drawer dresser.
  • Treat your mom to a gift card, and join her as she enjoys spending it! This could mean going to the spa together for a facial and pedicure or stepping out to Stash to shop stylish, unique pieces. A Stash gift card is truly a special way to say thank you to mom. Pick one up at your local store.

However you decide to celebrate Mother’s Day, remember that the moments spent together are what matter. These memories are what you’ll look back on 10, 20, 30 years from now, and, hopefully, you’ll smile. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone, from your friends at Stash!



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