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A Father-Daughter Design Collaboration

Meet Andra Eggleston, owner of Electra Eggleston Fine Textiles, a print design brand spirited out of a collaboration between father and daughter. We're ecstatic to announce that her unique pillows, lamp shades, and fabrics are coming to Stash Home stores in fall 2020. Now, we share her story and give you a preview of the products that you'll see in our stores.

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Andra, pictured above, earned a degree in textile design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, which she attributes to her ability to take risks in her designs. The program allowed her the opportunity to study textile design abroad at Central Saint Martins in London.

Pictured above: Lee Industries Sofa, Lee Industries Wing Chair, Cisco Wood Antique Coffee Table, Tom Ford Book, Stash Throw, Regina Andrews Lamp, & Pillows by Electra Eggleston

The Beginning

You may have heard of Andra Eggleston's father, William Eggleston, a Memphis native who is known world-wide as the Father of Color Photography. Several years ago, Andra discovered numerous drawings that her father created over decades. She gathered all the drawings, whether in good condition or tattered, and structured them into repeating patterns. Out of this, came Electra Eggleston Fine Textiles.

"Thank you Dad for showing me, by example, your unorthodox approach to life, your unconventional artistic process and your mysterious heart. Imbued with his iconic use of color and sensibility, Electra Eggleston fabrics live joyfully in the world of interior design and fashion. They are timeless, bold and experiential, and it is a dream realized to be sharing them with you." ---Andra Eggleston

The Designs

Electra Eggleston prints are designed in Nashville, Tennessee, with artwork as the original source. Scale, repeat, and color are digitally refined before being printed on fabric. The selection of artwork is not textile driven; rather, each step of the creation process is experimental, from artwork to fabric. Most pillows are made of 100% Belgian linen.

A bold, vigorous interpretation of Havana's illustrious tropicana dancers

Originally developed for Nashville’s Noelle Hotel, the Miami peacock colorway is hand screen printed on performance fabric and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Reminiscent of the city's striking graffiti and murals, Berlin is a modern, vibrant and progressive print.

Turquoise waters and blue skies melt into the wild, deep blue Bali. This is unmistakably the work of William Eggleston's own piano-playing hands.

Seattle is at once industrial, cool, wet, misty, lush, and thriving. It has an open, calming energy within a sophisticated, metropolitan environment.

Rich in color and density, foxglove kisses goldenrod in this print is inspired by the rolling fields of the Bluegrass State.

Andra views her textiles to be functional art. She strives to combine the practicality of the fabric and the powerful feeling experienced when looking at art. In addition to drawing inspiration and creativity from her father, Andra gets her wit, candor, and absolute uniqueness from her mother, who had incredible style, a love for textile prints, and an amazing collection of vintage dresses. Andra is releasing The Rosa Collection, named after her mother, in April. This special collection features 13 assorted prints and color ways, including performance fabrics.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Andra Eggleston and her company, Electra Eggleston Fine Textiles. Stash can't wait to welcome her beautiful, one-of-a-kind pillows, lamp shades, and fabrics into our stores this fall.

Contact: John Sampietro, Director of Commercial & Residential Design

Phone: 901-826-8994